Voltaire Bundler now live in ERC-4337 Shared Mempool
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Where Smart Wallets
get crafted

Developers from across the globe use Candide Atelier to build on Safe Accounts
and tap into a network of third-party gas sponsorship to ultimately supercharge their user growth
Trusted by +1000 developers
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Bring New Users with a Familiar UX

Use Atelier to build smart wallets without the hassle of seed phrases, downloads, or unnecessary steps.
pay gas or network fee in stablecoin, USDC or USDE

A Fully Integrated Suite for

Account Abstraction

Our software enables mobile, embedded, and standalone wallet development without vendor lock-in.

Making Safe Accounts development a Breeze

A Typescript SDK to easily build and send ERC-4337 UserOperations.

It’s agnostic of any Ethereum interface libraries, Bundlers and Paymasters. Use Candide's solutions, or bring your own.
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Paymaster API

A Network for third-party
Gas Sponsorship 

Access gas policies established by dapps on behalf of wallets.

Candide's Paymaster is the sole platform uniting smart wallets and dapps in one cohesive ecosystem.
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Optimize your user operations with precise gas estimates and lightning-fast execution.

Proudly offered by RPC industry leaders
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Get Endpoints

Resources and guide.

Atelier has extensive documentation for every part of your journey.
Available on all EVM
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Independent Account Infrastructure

A truly permissionless stack, maintained by a small independent team that ships what needs to be done rather than overdoing it.

Candide is funded by its supporters grants to build open source sovereign accounts. 
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